Cumann na Daoine

A community based organisation in Youghal, Co. Cork, Ireland.

East Cork Traveller Project launches their Needs Assessment Report

Thursday 8th May was a proud day for the East Cork Traveller Project with the Launch of the East Cork Traveller Needs Assessment Report at Cumann Na Daoine, Youghal.  This report presents the findings of a comprehensive Family Needs Assessment Survey conducted over the past 12 months. Our speakers Dolores Corcoran, Chair of Cumann na Daoine and David Lane, General Manager of the Social Inclusion Unit, HSE South West, said how valuable this report is in identifying the needs of the Traveller community and that it provides data and a route for positive change.

This initiative sought to delve into the various aspects of the lives of members of the Travelling Community in East Cork, with a particular focus on accommodation and living conditions, cultural considerations, mental and physical health, as well as employment and education levels. With a focus on human rights, this survey aimed to shed light on the challenges faced by the community and identify areas where targeted interventions and support could make a significant impact. Embracing a commitment to the principles of equality, dignity, and respect, the survey navigates through the complexities of the daily lives of the East Cork Travellers, recognising the importance of cultural heritage and the connection between various factors that shape their experiences. Taking a human rights-based approach, particular attention has been given to the relevant policies on children’s rights and ethnicity in Ireland, aiming to contextualise our findings within the broader framework of legal and ethical considerations.

The report serves not only as a collection of data but as a call to action, urging stakeholders, policymakers, and the broader community to collaborate in crafting solutions that uphold the rights and well-being of the East Cork Traveller community. This research was guided by the principles of justice, inclusivity, and a shared commitment to building a society that leaves no one behind.

A special note of thanks to the ongoing hard work and commitment of the ECTP team. We would also like to acknowledge our funders and partners the Traveller Health Unit and the HSE Community Work Department. Also, to the other agencies and organisations that work in solidarity with us – we thank you for your support and look forward to working with you into the future. A sincere thank you to the members of the Traveller community in East Cork that participated in this study.

East Cork Traveller Project is currently in the middle of developing a new website for the project and this report will be published on our new website in due course. Watch this space!!