Womens Group


The Women’s Group meet weekly on Wednesday afternoons from 3- 5pm in Cumann na Daoine (except in the summer months of July and August) to chat and have a cup of tea. It’s a great way to meet people if you are new to Youghal. Women of all ages are welcome!

Membership is currently €10.00 per year with a contribution of €2 every week towards tea and biscuits.


women's group, lifelong learning
Flower arranging as part of Lifelong Learning Festival in March 2018
Group members at Cork Age Friendly County Dinner April 2018
Cork Age Friendly County
Cobh Animation at Cork Age Friendly County Dinner in April 2018
Group trip to Cappoquin Daycare, May 2018








Current Officers:

Chairperson: Nikki Bray

Treasurer: Bridget Murray

Assistant Treasurer : Mary Daly

Secretary: Nikki Bray

Regular Activities:

  • First Wednesday of the month is our monthly meeting where we discuss what is happening for the month, plans, etc.
  • Third Wednesday of the month is Bingo with Grace
  • Fourth Wednesday is Go for Life exercises with Eleanor and Nikki
  • If there is a fifth Wednesday we usually play cards, board games, or just chat over a cup of tea.
  • The last 2 years we had our Christmas lunch at the Walter Raleigh Hotel , with Cappoquin Daycare
  • We visited the Cappoquin Daycare earlier this year and will be again it was an enjoyable day.
  • We had Flower arranging this year for live life learning festival in M
  • The Bealtaine Festival Tea Dance is one of the highlights of the year, is very successful with other groups attending.
  • We attended this year to the Cork age friendly dinner in Vienna woods hotel in Cork
  • We hope to have our Christmas lunch in December this year.

Plenty more activities are organised by the group so why not come along and make new friends?


Phone 024 91900 or email cumannnadaoine@gmail.com