ISPCC launch new Guided Digital Self-Care Programmes

The ISPCC are delighted to let you know that we have launched new Guided Digital Self-Care Programmes. These programmes are aimed at young people and parents/carers to help them better understand anxiety and how to manage it.

There have been a number of children contacting Childline, telling us that they are suffering from anxiety and feel that they can’t cope. You may know a young person who is feeling the same and this is why we wanted to reach out and let you know that we are here for them. If you know of a child who is struggling with anxiety, and/or a parent/carer who may benefit from our programmes, please get in touch.

Professionals can refer a young person or parent/carer to our programmes. Parents can also refer themselves or their child. To view our posters and information leaflet, please visit our website

At Childline, we are here to listen to, support and empower children. Together with our funders, the National Office of Suicide Prevention and the Community Foundation, we are delighted to extend our reach to all of Ireland’s children in an accessible and relevant way.