Cumann na Daoine

A community based organisation in Youghal, Co. Cork, Ireland.

Mindful Musings from Sean Fargo

Two Approaches to Self-Compassion:
1. Yin: (“being with”) validate, connect, comfort
2. Yang: (“acting in the world”) protect, provide, motivate

To Be More Self-Compassionate, Ask Yourself….
1. What do I need?
…to feel safe?
…to be comforted, soothed, validated?
…to protect, provide for, motivate yourself?

2. How would I treat a friend in the same situation?

3. How do I care for myself already?

To accompany this, here is a new self-compassion meditation I really enjoy.

Mindfulness Exercises I Just Shared Freely
A Compassion Meditation to Ease Anxiety

Opening our hearts by practicing self-compassion and compassion for others can help us accept and give space to our anxiety. Sometimes, focused and kind attention is all we need to feel more peaceful and at ease. To ease your anxiety by opening your heart, try this guided meditation script. (Goes well with this guided self-compassion meditation.)