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Feeling adventurous? try making these delicious profiteroles and eclairs. We thoroughly enjoyed making the pastry. Here is a similar recipe for you to follow


If you have left over cake from a birthday or your feeling creative and want to bake, Cake Pops are fun to make and taste yummy!

Follow the link for a video tutorial:



From Supervalu…today’s recipe by Sharon Hearne Smith:

Chicken & Peanut Butter Bites with a Lime Yoghurt Dip…yum!




We are proud to share our Cookbook, Yummy! with you all.

Yummy!‘ is a compilation of some of our favourite recipes over this past year. It has been an ongoing project of ours and was designed by our very own Diarmuid O’Halloran, who also handcrafted the lino print illustrations. Our group spent a lot of time choosing their favourite recipes and preparing them for print. Today is our ‘e-launch’ and we hope to print paper version soon. 

With thanks for the support of everyone in Cumann na Daoine and The Cork Training Centre.

Just click on this link and you can read through it (easy peasy)


Lemon Drizzle Tray Bake: Perfect for the Weekend!

This simple, classic cake is one of our favourites. One tray bake goes a long way. You can store this lemon drizzle tray bake for 2-3 days in an air tight container or you can freeze it for up to a month. Happy baking!


We tried out Supervalu’s recipe for Bread & Butter Pudding and we can vouch for how tasty it is.

Perfect for home baking and you don’t need too many utensils to make it. It’s the perfect recipe if you’re new to baking or simply seeking out a reliable recipe for an Irish favourite. 


Today from the LTI crew, we’ve a great recipe for you to try. Remember, we are recruiting for our course this autumn, so do get in touch if you’d like to learn more about Culinary Skills!

Sichuan-Style Braised Aubergine With Pickled Chilies and Garlic Recipe

Our group tried this easy veggie recipe and we can vouch for its tastiness. 

Using a wok to make this one-pot dish- it’s all about frying and adding seasoning. Expect a party on your palette. For the full recipe go to:


Creature comforts like a cup of tea and a scone can be a lovely break to your day during a time where we are all staying at home as much as possible. We love baking scones and if you would like to try out a recipe at home, we recommend this ‘BBC good food’ recipe. Follow the link and check it out:



Our Culinary Skills student, Diarmuid made this ‘Half and Half Drip Cake’ a little while back. He made it for Sabrina Perrozzi and Zvonimir Opančar’s joint farewell celebration from Cumann Na Daoine.

All the different components were pieced together with:

Chocolate Fudge Cake with Chocolate Meringue Buttercream and Chocolate Ganache Drips, topped with Chocolate Macaroons and Raspberry Macaroons.

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