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ILGA report: Challenges to intersex people in Europe today

Newly released by the International Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, Trans and Intersex Association ILGA-Europe, this is the fourth in their series of Intersections reports which deep-dive into data from the European Fundamental Rights Agency (FRA) 2019 LGBTI Survey II. For this report, ILGA-Europe have collaborated with OII Europe, to further understand the challenges faced by intersex people in Europe today.

Disaggregated data (i.e. data separated into its component parts) which can look deeply into the lived experiences of marginalised people, is a key demand of LGBTI and other human rights groups. With this in mind, over the last year ILGA-Europe has been partnering with a variety of NGOs in the region to analyse the FRA 2019 LGBTI Survey II data and pull out experiences of those experiencing intersectional marginalisation. This work is based on analysis co-commissioned by ILGA-Europe and TGEU (Transgender Europe).

This briefing on intersex people summarises the findings of data analysis disaggregating the responses of intersex people from the responses provided by all LGBTI respondents to the 2019 FRA LGBTI Survey II, in order to show the differences in their lived experiences.

In 2019, FRA conducted this second round of the LGBTI Survey which shows how LGBTI
people experience their fundamental rights in daily life across Europe. For the first time, the survey included the experiences of intersex people, and determined that intersex people experience some of the highest levels of discrimination across all groups included in the study.

This briefing on intersex people was developed collaboratively with OII Europe.

Read the report here: FRA-Intersections-Report-Intersex

Links to the organisations involved are below.  

OII Europe is the umbrella organisation of European human rights-based intersex organisations. It is a non-governmental organisation which is working for the protection and full implementation of intersex people’s human rights in Europe.

You can read the full FRA 2019 survey here: