Cumann na Daoine

A community based organisation in Youghal, Co. Cork, Ireland.

‘Time to Connect’ from Cork ETB

From Cork ETB…

I would like to invite you all to partake in a letter writing project – Time to Connect: A Letter of Gratitudewhich I am organizing on behalf of the Community Education Service at Cork ETB.

Some people are working at the front line, some are un-employed, some of us are working remotely, some are housebound, we are all concerned and wondering how best to deal with this virus, Covid 19.

I know that coordinators are still doing a lot of work locally and tutors where possible are maintaining contact with learners through social media and video links. Social distancing is difficult for all of us and we all have a deep need for connection.

If there is an upside to the current situation it is that we all have time to slow down, to reflect.  We are a nation of storytellers, singers, musicians, poets  – we have an appreciation of the written and spoken word. We also have an indomitable spirit and great hearts.

The Italians are singing from their balconies; the Spanish are cheering their healthcare and front -line workers; they are lighting candles in Kerry as a mark of solidarity and hope. It is with a similar intention – that of invoking praise, gratitude, hope, and a sense of community that I invite you to partake in this project.

 Time to Connect: A Letter of Gratitude

The idea is simple. Write a letter of appreciation to someone who inspired you and that you never got round to thank or acknowledge. It could be an act of kindness, a gesture, something someone said that has remained with you – anything that has been significant for you and has made your life all the better for it.  

And if not a person it could be a poem, a prayer, a song, a piece of wisdom.

And/or something you are really proud of achieving in your own life.

The letter can be hand-written and posted or hand-written and scanned to me at the address below or typed if you wish and e –mailed- whatever is easiest.

 I hope to put these letters on the CETB website/social media pages and perhaps also read some out on local radio.  When the crisis is past I would like to compile them into a book or/and show as an exhibition of letters.

You may wish to use your own name, initials, or make up a name for yourself. Also you may want to use another name for the person you write about. Please indicate if the letter may be read out on Radio/TV should the opportunity for this arise.

Postal address: Lena Cronin, Time to Connect, Cork Education and Training Board, 21, Lavitt’s Quay, Cork.


With all good wishes to you and your community.

Stay safe and well.