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A community based organisation in Youghal, Co. Cork, Ireland.

Irish Network Against Racism (INAR) on Equal Access Project Research and Decontramination Mobile App

Updates from Irish Network Against Racism (INAR) on Equal Access Project Research and the Decontramination Mobile App


Dr Lucy Michael is conducting research for INAR and FLAC, under the Equal Access Project. This project will improve access to justice for people who are subjected to discrimination on the basis of race or membership in the Traveller community. INAR Members are therefore encouraged to participate in the research and spread awareness of the research.

If you have faced racial discrimination, we would like to hear your experiences of seeking justice.

Ways To Get Involved:

  • Take part in a focus group – we will help you to join a focus group online, and we just need a little more information about you to ensure good fit with the group
  • Organise a focus group – if you are involved with an organisation led by or supporting ethnic minority or migrant people, we will be happy to organise a focus group in your organisation
  • Take part in a one-to-one interview – if you have taken a legal case at the WRC or District Court, we would like to interview you about your experience. All information is anonymised.

*All participants will receive a voucher in thanks for their participation, and their information will be treated in confidence  

To participate, contact Dr Lucy Michael via


The Decontramination Project is a project focused on countering hate speech in public spaces. With the Decontramination Mobile Application, you can take a picture of toxic content or decontraminated (changed from harmful to inclusive) and upload it to the application to map where this content is. More information about the project can be found here.

You are encouraged to:

  • Download the Decontramination Mobile Application and submit content.
  • Spread the word regarding the App

Download @INAR – Irish Network Against Racism’s Decontramination App! As part of the #Decontramination Project, this App was developed to log hate speech in public spaces.Download App:

Learn more about the #Decontramination Project here:

Please note that at the moment, only the Android App is available, the iOs version will be available soon!

Apart from hate speech, the App also allows you to submit “DecontRaminated” hate speech, hate speech whose meaning has been changed into something positive, and/or to submit speech that is positive and reinforcing towards those, often targeted marginalised groups

See below Decontramination App QR Code

You can also share INAR’s TwitterFacebook and Instagram Posts promoting the Mobile App.