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Helping Your Child Adapt to Change: Youghal FRI

Change is uncomfortable for all of us but is a normal part of life and something we all adjust to. How we as parents adapt to change will influence how our children adapt. This month children’s routine has changed from summer time to school routine and with it can come some hiccups.
Here are just a few tips to make this transition easier on both you and them:
1. Follow a predictable routine – the security of the routine makes other changes easier for them. It will take about 3 weeks for children and teenagers to get used to the new school routine schedule.
2. Share information – tell your child what is happening so they know what to expect. You can make a morning afternoon and bedtime routine together. Pictures work well for younger children.
3. Always say goodbye and tell them when you will be back and who is caring for them while your away.
4. Help your child to get school ready – laying out their uniform, putting their books and lunch box in their bag etc. Teaching them how to plan and prepare helps them adjust to change.
5. Give them notice when a change is coming – in 10 minutes it’ll be time to start getting ready for bed.
6. For children aged 6 years up add a job they can do – this helps their self-reliance and coping skills. Practice makes perfect so avoid negative comments about how they did their chore.
7. Ask your child to name the positive and negative about changes that are coming. Help them see change has both.
8. If your child struggles to leave you to head to school give them something small of yours to mind until you see them again.
9. Think about ways you can mind your self-care as your child will learn how to look after their self-care by watching how you mind yours.
10. As children grow to teenagers help them to problem solve by asking them what they feel they can do to prepare for the change coming, what will help them, what options do they have, what do they need you to support them with?
If your child is school refusing or struggling to part from you when attending school or preschool and you’d like more tips and ideas please drop into our parent hub drop in clinic or ring us to make an appointment for support tailored to your needs as each child/situation differs. Shirley Project Coordinator Youghal Family Resource Initiative – 086 0471060
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