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EirGrid: celtic Interconnector Project

A message from EirGrid, the semi-state company that is responsible for developing, managing and operating the electricity transmission system in Ireland (the “grid”) with an update on the Celtic Interconnector project. 

The Celtic Interconnector will provide an electricity link between Ireland and France and you can find full information on how the project has developed to date on our website at At EirGrid we follow a six-step approach to developing the grid and in winter 2019 – 20 we carried out our Step 4 Consultation. This consultation sought out stakeholder views on the emerging best performing landfall location, associated cable routes and converter station sites required to progress the development of the project. The intention was to gather feedback to further inform the project development. A report on this consultation activity along with a project update is now available at This report captures feedback from stakeholders in regard to the project options currently being considered in Step 4 of the project’s development. The proposals made by us for the converter station site dominated the consultation responses received. During the consultation, a number of respondents to our public consultation stated a preference for Site 1 – Ballyadam as the most appropriate location for the converter station given the existing industrial and commercial activity in the area. Feedback received from local and national elected representatives also recommended full consideration should be given to a suitable location within Site 1. We indicated at the start of the consultation that work to determine a suitable converter station location within Site 1 – Ballyadam would continue. Work has progressed, and having reviewed available studies and site investigations previously carried out in the area, we have established that more focussed site investigations should be carried out over the coming months.  At this stage, further work is required before a final decision can be made regarding where exactly each element of the project should be built. We expect to be in a position to make this decision towards the end of the year and will issue a further update at that time.  In the meantime we are publishing our Step 4 consultation report and will respond to as many of the issues raised as we are able to at this point in time. We want to continue to engage with stakeholders and communities as the project develops. On confirmation of the options being progressed, we will set up a Celtic Interconnector Community Forum so we can work together with local communities to reduce impacts and maximise benefits for those living and working in the area.  

We will continue to make every effort to keep you up to date on the project.  If you have any questions in regard to this Step 4 update and the project in general please don’t hesitate to contact Michelle Walsh directly at 085 870 4999 or Eoghan O’Sullivan at 087 247 7732.